About Me


Born in Genoa, Italy, July 28th 1971. Italian nationality.

Researcher ID: orcid.org/0000-0001-7054-1361

URL for web site:  http://umr-entropie.ird.nc/index.php/team/riccardo-rodolfo-metalpa#2010





Oct 2004/ Oct 2007    PhD Oceanography

University of Marseille-Aix II (France); Host Institution: Centre Scientifique de Monaco (Monaco). Governmental research fellow. Supervisors: Prof. D. Allemand and Dr. C. Ferrier-Pagès.

Jul 1993/ Jul 1998        Degree in Biological Sciences (B.Sc and M.Sc.)

University of Genoa (Italy); one year training at ENEA, Marine Environmental Research Centre (La Spezia, Italy). Supervisors: Dr. A. Peirano and Dr. CN. Bianchi.



Oct 2013/ Permanent        Research Scientist (CR1), IRD – ENTROPIE, Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (current geographic assignment: New Caledonia, France).



Mar 2013/ Sept 2013        IRD – Institut de Recherche pour le Développement (France, New Caledonia)

Research Fellow funded by LABEX Corail.

Feb 2011/ June 2012         Marine Biology & Ecology Research Centre, University of Plymouth (UK)

Research Fellow funded by EU FP7 project MedSeA grant no. 265103.

Feb 2009/ May 2010         United Nations, International Agency Atomic Energy (AIEA), Monaco

Research Scientist funded by Foundation Prince Albert II of Monaco. This is a competitive, ad hominem fellowship (PI position), and is not equivalent to a postdoctoral position in America or Europe.

Oct 2007/ Dec 2008          Marine Biology & Ecology Research Centre, University of Plymouth (UK)

Research Fellow funded by Leverhulme Trust (PI JM Hall-Spencer).

Oct 2004/ Oct 2007         Centre Scientifique de Monaco (Monaco)

Research Fellow (PhD) funded by the host Institute.

Apr 2004/ Jul 2004          Centre Scientifique de Monaco (Monaco)

Research Fellow funded by the Monaco government.

Nov 2003/ May 2004       Centre Scientifique de Monaco (Monaco)

Research Fellow funded by the EU programme Leonardo da Vinci I.

Feb 2002/ Feb 2003         Institute of Marine Biology and Ecology (Piombino, Italy)

Research Fellow funded by the EU project INTEREG III.

Mars 2000/ Feb 2002       Marine Environmental Research Centre ENEA (La Spezia, Italy)

Research Fellow funded by ENEA and CNR-MURST.



I have been in a research position only. However, I have supervised:

2018      One M.Sc. (F. Maggioni, University of Ancona).

2017      Two  post doc (R. Prasetia and J. Ripoll).

2016      One M.Sc (T. Barros, University of Montpellier); One voluntary M.Sc. (M. Zampighi).

2015      One B.Sc. (A. Durbano, University of New Caledonia); two M.Sc. (M. Zampighi, University of Ancona and V. Nguyen, University of New Caledonia).

2014      One B.Sc. (L. Cavalié, University of New Caledonia).

2013      One post doc (J. Debreuil, IRD, New Caledonia); one M.Sc. (T. Biscéré, Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France).

2013      Four M.Sc: one in Monaco (A. Delval, University of Paris VI), two in UK (CR. Warner-Holder and C. Baggini, University of Plymouth), one in Italy (R. Sicari, University of Palermo, Italy).



2017      Workshop organizer. COLIMATIC – Coral associated with extreme conditions: the Bouraké case. (Fonds Pacifique), 30 participantes, Nouméa, 15-16/11/2017.

2016      Session Organizer. International Coral Reefs Symposium (28-B), Honolulu, USA.

2015      Co-organizer. Observation systems of climate change in the South Pacific workshop (GOPS & PACE-NET+), 40 participantes, Noumèa, New Caledonia.

2011      Co-organizer. MedSeA annual meeting, 50 participants, Vulcano (Italy).


I have participated to 12 oceanographic cruises in the Med Sea, Gulf of California, Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia, field missions in French Guadeloupe, French Polynesia, Red Sea, Spain and around 40 missions to study the effect of acidification using CO2 vents in the Mediterranean Sea (Ischia and Vulcano islands) and in the Gulf of California.



2019 – Oceanographic Cruise CARiOCA 4th trip using R/V Alis, 230K€ (PI)

2018 – Oceanographic Cruise CARiOCA 3rd trip using R/V Alis, 230K€ (PI)

2017 – Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR-TERC): project PNG-Vents, 180K€ (PI)

         – Fonds Pacifique: project COLIMATIC, 20K€ (Principal partner).

         – Oceanographic Cruise CARiOCA 2nd trip using R/V Alis, 200K€ (PI)

         – Oceanographic Cruise Supernatural using R/V Alis, 96K€ (PI)

2016 – Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR): projet CARiOCA, 354K€ (PI)

         – Labex Corail: project ENSEMBLE, 12K€ (PI)

         – Oceanographic cruise CARiOCA using R/V Alis, 280K€ (PI)

         – Labex Corail: project ACCLIMACID, 30K€ (partner)

         – Grand Observatoire du Pacifique du Sud (GOPS): project ORACLE, 25K€ (PI)

2015 – Labex Corail: project COCONUT, 25K€ (partner)

         – Grand Observatoire du Pacifique du Sud (GOPS): project HONOR, 11K€ (PI)

         CNRT-Nickel, New Caledonia: project DYNAMINE, 23K€ (collaborator)

2013 – Labex Corail: project CAPRICE, 30K€ (postdoctoral research fellow)

2012 – 3rd Int. Symposium on the Ocean in a High-CO2 World, Monterey, (USA): 1.2K€ (travel grant)

2011 – Labex Corail: project COMETA, 29K€ (collaborator)

2010 – EU FP7 project MedSeA, 34K€ (postdoctoral research fellow)

2009 – Prince Albert II Foundation (Monaco), 40K€ (PI)

– Society for Experimental Biology Annual Meeting, Glasgow (UK), 0.6K€ (travel grant)

– 1st Mediterranean Symposium on Coralligenous conservation and other calcareous bio-concretions, Tabarka (Tunis), 0.4K€ (travel grant)

2008 – Journal of Experimental Biology, 1.2K€, (travel grant to Eilat, Israel)

– The Linnean Society: Percy Sladen Memorial Fund, 0.6K€ (travel grant to Alicante, Spain)

2004 – Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM), 50K€ (PhD fellowship)

2003 – European award Leonardo da Vinci I: 2.4K€ (scholarship)



I have published 47 peer-reviewed articles, 15 as first author. The citations for these (Google Scholar) are >3400; my h-index is currently 27.




Selection of 4 best IF

Hall-Spencer JM, Rodolfo-Metalpa R, Martin S, Ransome E, Fine M, Turner SN, Rowley SJ, Tedesco D, Buia MC. Volcanic carbon dioxide vents reveal ecosystem effects of ocean acidification. Nature 454: 96-99 (2008 – 41.45 – 720).

Rodolfo-Metalpa R, Houlbrèque F, Tambutté E, Boisson F, Baggini C, Patti FP, Jeffree R, Fine M, Foggo A, Gattuso J-P, Hall-Spencer JM. Resilience of Mediterranean corals and molluscs to acidification and warming. Nature Climate Change 1: 308-312 ( 2011 – 14.54 – 213).

*Garilli V, *Rodolfo-Metalpa R, Scuderi D, Brusca L, Parrinello D, Rastrick SPS, Foggo A, Twitchett RJ, Hall-Spencer JM, Milazzo M. Physiological advantages of dwarfing in surviving extinctions in high CO2 oceans. Nature Climate Change DOI: 10.1038/NCLIMATE2616 (2015 – 14.54 – 7).

Prol-Ledesma RM, Torres-Vera M-A, Rodolfo-Metalpa R, Ángeles C, Lechuga Deveze CH, Villanueva-Estrada RE, Shumilin E, Robinson C. High heat flow and ocean acidification in nascent spreading centers in the northern Gulf of California, Mexico. Nature Communication 4(1388) DOI: 10.1038/ncomms2390 (2013 – 11.47 – 5).